Learning About How To Use Rental Car Towing Hitches

We need to learn about how to use rental car towing hitches. We will be renting a car and will need to know how to use the towing hitches. This isn’t something we have ever used before.
We plan to tow our other car, with Allways Towing in Clearwater, to our new home which is why we needed to rent this car in the first place. I know it will be an interesting thing to do but it was the advice given to use about how to get that car there. If you have other towing questions check the Allways Towing Facebook page or the Allways Towing Twitter page and they will respond.
Our older car was my Grandpas and I don’t want anything to happen to it. It needs some work and we just don’t have the money to fix it right now but I hope we will someday. Until that time, we need to store it in our garage.
Since we are moving that means we need to take the car from our old house to our new one. It is a twenty-minute drive so not too far but impossible to do without towing it. We needed to rent a car with towing hitches to be able to do this.
Car Rental Towing Hitches
Towing Hitches for Car Rentals
After we get our car moved over to the new house we can work on everything else. We have a lot of things so we had to hire someone to move everything for us. They will pack everything up in the moving truck and unpack as well. This cost us some money but glad to not have to do it all myself.
Before we are able to rent the car with the towing hitches we wanted to learn about how they worked. Since we don’t have any experience with them we would need to figure out what needed to be done. Luckily we were able to have access to a few training videos to help us.
Since we will be renting the vehicle to tow our car we don’t want to mess anything up. If we did, we might have to pay the company and that would not be in our budget. We want to do everything correctly so there are not any issues.
It will feel good once we have everything at the new house. I don’t want to have to stress about it anymore. Moving is always so stressful and I will be glad once the car and all our belongs are where they are supposed to be.

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