Rental Cars And Trailer Hitches – The Ugly Truth

The United States is a vast nation, and getting around requires an automobile. When you don’t own a car of your own (or are separated from it), rental companies stand ready to meet your vehicular needs. If you intend to hook up a trailer and tow something, though, you’ll find the options available to you are much slimmer. Here’s why obtaining a rental vehicle with a trailer hitch is hard to do — and how you can get the job done anyway.
Why This Is A Challenge
A car rental company is a business like any other. Its first duty is to keep its operations profitable. To that end, most rental companies take a long, thorough look at the potential risks of any offering before they decide to add it to their rental fleet. The sad truth is that trailer hitches and towing packages rarely work out in the renters’ favor. The risks of damage, the overall wear on the vehicles, and the insurance liabilities involved quickly skyrocket.
Most nationwide rental companies do not offer cars and trucks with hitches. They go further and expressly forbid towing in their contract documents. While there are certain exceptions — Budget seems to rent more towing vehicles than any other national chain — they often add on absurdly expensive surcharges.
Rental Cars and Trailer Hitches
Trailer Hitches and Rental Cars

Going Very Big Or Very Small

One option to get a suitable rental vehicle is to work with a major moving company such as U-Haul or Ryder. With their commercial-oriented truck fleets, they are more capable of handling the increased liability involved in towing. The downside of this plan, of course, is that you’re stuck with a certain type of vehicle: a large, uncomfortable, gas-guzzling cargo truck.
You should investigate the option of working with smaller commercial rental companies in your area, especially if you’re making a two-way trip. These independent operators thrive by offering services the major chains have neglected, and this often includes vehicles with towing packages. This is likely to fall in the middle of the price range of your different options — more expensive than a cargo truck, but not as costly or nerve-wracking as renting from a chain.
The Crowdsource Option
There is a final alternative that may end up suiting your needs perfectly. Online services make it possible to engage in one-on-one rentals with private vehicle owners, many of whom offer trailer-friendly trucks. As with any peer-to-peer service, of course, you’ll find availability wildly variable if you go this route. You’ll also need to vet potential vehicle providers carefully and research the different arrangements you’ll need to protect both parties financially. (Most sensible renters will require a fairly hefty deposit when you take their vehicle.) Good places to start looking for a person-to-person rental include craigslist and Zilok.
Finding a rental car or truck that comes with the trailer hitch you’re looking for isn’t easy. It will require much more time and effort than renting an ordinary passenger vehicle. Tackling the problem with patience and flexibility will let you win through and get the rental you need, though.

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Learning About How To Use Rental Car Towing Hitches

We need to learn about how to use rental car towing hitches. We will be renting a car and will need to know how to use the towing hitches. This isn’t something we have ever used before.
We plan to tow our other car, with Allways Towing in Clearwater, to our new home which is why we needed to rent this car in the first place. I know it will be an interesting thing to do but it was the advice given to use about how to get that car there. If you have other towing questions check the Allways Towing Facebook page or the Allways Towing Twitter page and they will respond.
Our older car was my Grandpas and I don’t want anything to happen to it. It needs some work and we just don’t have the money to fix it right now but I hope we will someday. Until that time, we need to store it in our garage.
Since we are moving that means we need to take the car from our old house to our new one. It is a twenty-minute drive so not too far but impossible to do without towing it. We needed to rent a car with towing hitches to be able to do this.
Car Rental Towing Hitches
Towing Hitches for Car Rentals
After we get our car moved over to the new house we can work on everything else. We have a lot of things so we had to hire someone to move everything for us. They will pack everything up in the moving truck and unpack as well. This cost us some money but glad to not have to do it all myself.
Before we are able to rent the car with the towing hitches we wanted to learn about how they worked. Since we don’t have any experience with them we would need to figure out what needed to be done. Luckily we were able to have access to a few training videos to help us.
Since we will be renting the vehicle to tow our car we don’t want to mess anything up. If we did, we might have to pay the company and that would not be in our budget. We want to do everything correctly so there are not any issues.
It will feel good once we have everything at the new house. I don’t want to have to stress about it anymore. Moving is always so stressful and I will be glad once the car and all our belongs are where they are supposed to be.

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Why It’s A Good Idea To Rent A Car With A Trailer Hitch

If you drive a small economy car, you may find yourself at a loss when you want to take a family vacation or move house. It makes good sense to drive a little, economical car for everyday commuting and errands, but when you need more power, what can you do?
You don’t want to go to all the expense and bother of keeping a big, powerful car, truck or SUV sitting around doing nothing. You’ll have to insure it, house it and gas it up from time to time. All this can cost quite a bundle, and if you aren’t really getting good use out of that big vehicle, it just isn’t worth it.
Car Rental with Trailer Hitch
Rent a Car with a Trailer Hitch
That’s why it’s such a good idea to rent a car with a trailer hitch when you need to move or when you want to enjoy a relaxing family vacation. A larger vehicle equipped with a trailer hitch will give you and your family plenty of space to spread out and travel in comfort. If you are vacationing, you can save money on lodging by renting a travel trailer to pull along. You could even hitch up your economy car if you want to travel long distance in the comfort of a large vehicle and then save gas money once you arrive at your destination.
If you are moving, you may very well find that you can save a great deal of money by renting a car with a trailer hitch and a trailer to pull rather than hiring a moving company. If you are moving across the country, this is a better option than renting a moving van because you can park your moving trailer at your motel and unhitch your vehicle. Then you can go out for dinner, enjoy the sights and have a little vacation as you make your way from your old home to your new home.
Whenever you rent any vehicle or conveyance, there are a few precautions you should take:
1. Choose a rental company that is well-known and has a good reputation and high ratings with consumer advocacy organizations.
2. Be open and up-front about your destination and your route. This will help the company match you up with an appropriate vehicle.
3. Be sure the vehicle and/or trailer you rent is up to date in inspections and other requirements for all the states where you will be traveling.
4. Check with your own vehicle insurance company to see if you can add coverage while driving a rental. This may make it unnecessary to purchase insurance from the rental company, or it may make a nice, affordable addition to that insurance.
5. Double check the weather along your intended route and take precautions as needed to avoid problems.

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