Thoughts On Rental Car Companies And Towing

If you have been looking for a rental car company that allows towing, you may have had a bit of difficulty. The vast majority of car rental companies don’t allow towing. Although the danger and risk factor play a big part in this decision, it is also true that adding towing to a company’s services adds a level of care and maintenance that might be unworkable. Companies that have large numbers of vehicles might have a difficult time keeping track of and maintaining multiple trailer hitches and locks.
Rental Cars and Towing
Towing for Rental Car Companies
Naturally, all car rental companies check your driver’s license and sometimes your driving record before renting you a car, but it would be hard to tell if a potential customer truly possessed the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to successfully tow a trailer or boat. Providing this service could mean extremely high liability costs. Nonetheless, it seems that having a limited number of vehicles equipped with towing capability would be a good service to offer to tried and true customers.
If you are looking for a utility type vehicle, you can rent a truck or van through UHaul or Lowe’s that is equipped with a trailer hitch. Enterprise also rents trucks and vans that can be used for moving, towing and other types of personal and business use. This makes a nice option for hauling equipment and materials, as well as taking a weekend or holiday trip or taking your boat to the lake.
It goes without saying that if you are unsure of your driving abilities, renting a vehicle for towing is probably not for you. While towing is certainly not rocket science, it does take a certain skill set and a certain amount of confidence. If you do decide to rent a car, truck or SUV for towing, take the time to inspect the vehicle and ask any questions you may have before you leave the rental establishment. Take advantage of any checklists or other support materials the company may provide you. Follow all instructions carefully to lessen the chance of having an accident or damaging the vehicle or the conveyance being towed.
Once on the road, be sure to keep yourself in tip-top shape. Take rest breaks frequently and don’t try to cover too much ground in one day. Be sure to give yourself enough time for rest, relaxation and sleep. Avoid drinking alcohol or using drugs for obvious reasons. You’ll want to be alert, aware and have your reflexes on point for your entire trip.